Adelie penguin jumping between two ice floes
Lilac-breasted roller takes off from thorny branch
Antarctic fur seal pup looks at camera
Baby elephant sitting in mud beside mother
Baby spotted owlet close-up
Bear about to catch salmon in mouth
Brown bear about to catch a salmon
Brown bear beside mossy rock below waterfall
Brown bear lying relaxed on rocky outcrop
Close-up of Chilean flamingo head in mono
Close-up of blurred photographer behind watching ptarmigan
Close-up of dripping wet Asian short-clawed otter
Close-up of golden eagle head with catchlight
Close-up of Grevy zebra head in mono
Close-up of lion lying in golden light
Close-up of ostrich head with blurred background
Close-up of right eye of Grevy zebra
Close-up of silverback looking down in forest
Close-up of sleepy lion staring at camera
Close-up of sunlit golden eagle looking up
Close-up of sunlit golden eagle looking back
Cobra held by snake charmer
Elephant giving itself dust bath on hillside
Galapagos sea lion pup framed by bushes
Jaguar lying by log in dense forest
Jaguar prowling through forest in dappled sunlight
Juvenile dolphin gull walks on sandy beach
King penguin stepping over rock with another
Leopard running along sandy track in grass
Lilac-breasted roller looking up from dead branch
Lilac-breasted roller perched on dead tree stump
Lion lies staring in grass at dusk
Lion lying in golden light facing camera
Malachite kingfisher on dead branch facing camera
Male azure hawker dragonfly flying through undergrowth
Marine iguana among roots staring at camera.jpg
Pig peeping out from behind wall
Sally Lightfoot crab perched on brown rock
Three king penguins crossing beach to ocean
Toco toucan on branch looking at camera
African fish eagle in afternoon light on branch
Close-up of giraffe silhouetted against black background
Close-up of gyrfalcon head against black background
Moth on a daisy
Wading bird reflection in water
Intermediate egret wading through lake in sunshine
Bengal tiger lying in shadowy water hole.jpg
Bengal tiger leaves water hole dripping wet
Bengal tiger with catchlight in water hole
Close-up of cheetah head on lush grassland.jpg
Lilac-breasted roller lands on branch carrying grasshopper.jpg
Male impala facing camera hides behind tree
Mono black-headed heron perched on dead tree
Mono close-up of half African elephant head
Close-up of male lion by scratched trunk.jpg
Mono close-up of male lion by tree
Vervet monkey on wall looking at camera
Leopard lying in tree with head up
Cheetah cub lying in pipe with another
Leopard lies on branch with head up
Leopard lies in branches looking for prey
Cheetah cub catches scrub hare beside mother
Mother cheetah and cub chase scrub hare
Leopard lying on branch with head up
Leopard licks lips while standing on branch
Blue wildebeest silhouetted against sunset on horizon
Leopard lies in tree looking for prey
Leopard lies on branch looking for prey
Leopard walks on track with paw raised
Leopard looks up from perch in tree
Topi stands in silhouette on sunset horizon
Leopard lifts paw to walk down branch
Leopard lies on branch dangling leg down
Leopard looks down while walking along branch
Slow pan of cheetah racing over grassland
Slow pan of cheetah racing beside truck
Blue wildebeest silhouetted on horizon at sunset
Close-up of cheetah face with bloody mouth
Cheetah chasing Thomson gazelle in whistling thorns
Blue wildebeest silhouetted against sun on horizon
Blue wildebeest on horizon silhouetted against sunset
Cheetah chasing Thomson gazelle among whistling thorns
Leopard falling asleep on branch of tree
Long-tailed macaque leaning head on both paws
Long-tailed macaque sucks finger on stone wall
Lilac-breasted roller with catchlight on leafy branch
Secretary bird perched in tree opens mouth
African crowned eagle taking off from branch
Kirk dik-dik framed by grass and bush
Close-up of male lion face in shadows
Lioness about to slap male after mating
Male lion lies in grass eyeing camera
Three male lions take down Cape buffalo
Panorama of elephant walking through long grass
Lioness lies covered in cubs on savannah
Common warthog stands on mound eyeing camera
Silhouette of lioness in profile at sunrise
Male leopard sits staring in long grass
Two cubs lie on mound under cheetah
Cheetah jumps down from tree towards grass
Cheetah jumps down from tree in savannah
Blue wildebeest standing in silhouette against sunset
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