I wanted to be a photographer when I was 15, but my mother said I could always take it up later as a hobby – so that was that for 30 years!

I ended up reading English at Oxford and working as a strategy consultant for a few years before 'retiring' at the age of 29! I then travelled round the world for seven years, doing four ski seasons and working on an internet start-up in San Francisco, before finally returning to London in 2005. At that point, consulting work felt too stressful, so I decided to go 'quality of life', and I'm now a private tutor and wildlife photographer.

I became a tutor in 2009 when I happened to read an article in the paper called 'Ten Ways to Beat the Recession', and I started taking pictures again in 2013 when I received a random email inviting me to go on safari and climb Mount Kenya. I've been a wildlife photographer ever since, taking pictures in 25 countries on all seven continents and winning various awards including the Sunday Times/Audley Travel Big Shot.

As well as taking pictures myself, I'm also available as a photographer/guide for those interested in private safaris, and you can find details of all the trips I'm leading on the Events page. From March to June 2019, I worked as the Resident Photographer at Klein’s Camp, Serengeti Under Canvas, Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp and Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp in Africa, and I’ll be back at Cottar’s in May 2020.

My experience as a private tutor helps me be very patient and understanding with anyone who wants to get the best possible pictures on safari. On game drives, I'm always happy to answer questions, whether it’s about camera settings, the rules of composition or just identifying all the different species of wildlife. Back at the camp or lodge, I'll run various sessions to familiarise guests with camera technique, provide feedback on their images and show them some of my own. I hope to see you there…!

Artist statement

I want to produce the most beautiful and powerful images I can, and I won’t be satisfied until I've captured images I think are worth five stars. These are my absolute favourite wildlife shots, my ‘Top 100’. They can show any species of bird or animal, but they must convey the magic of being there.

When it comes to my development as a photographer, I started out taking 'portraits' of animals. That was all very well, and a lion may look beautiful sitting on the African savannah at sunset, but there isn't much energy in that sort of picture. As a result, what I try to do now is to focus on 'action shots'. I still take portraits - and sometimes you don't have a choice! - but my ideal image is much more likely to be a cheetah chasing down an impala than a bird sitting on a branch!

My favourite animals are the predators, and the advantage of the long lens is that it can give you the impression of being right up close and personal with a very dangerous beast. It’s that sense of excitement that I try to capture in my work, and I'm happy to use whatever technology I can find to do the job. I have two Nikon camera bodies (D810 and D850), one with an 80-400mm zoom and the other with an 800mm prime. All that, combined with the wonders of Lightroom, gives me the best possible platform for capturing the power and beauty of the animal kingdom.


If you’d like to buy a print or hire me for a talk, a lesson, a photo shoot or a safari, please contact me on +44 7942 800921 or at I live in Putney in south-west London:

99 Ormonde Court
Upper Richmond Road
London SW15 6TR

You can find more details of my trips and exhibitions plus a few articles about photographic techniques on my Blog, but here are a few highlights: