Wildlife is never far away...

Why have lessons?

Everyone has a camera these days - if only the one on your mobile phone. Whether we're at home or off on a big trip, we like to take pictures of ourselves, of landscapes, of buildings and of animals. If you'd like to take better shots - wherever you're going and whatever your equipment - please get in touch, and I'll try and help you get the most out of your photography. I focus mostly on wildlife, but I'm happy to provide coaching on shooting portraits, landscapes or any other subject matter.

What's involved?

Not everyone needs the same kind of coaching, so I'm happy to tailor the lessons by discussing what you want from your photography and what you feel is missing, whether it's technical knowledge, familiarity with your equipment or rules of composition. We'll spend time in the field actually taking pictures, but we'll also have a chance to review your work and talk through what you're trying to achieve and how best to do it. I've taught individual clients and also helped out with a group coaching session at my local library, so you can share the lesson with other people, too.

The dragonfly: the most difficult insect in the world to photograph!

The dragonfly: the most difficult insect in the world to photograph!

Where will we go?

Wildlife is never far away. I live in Putney in south-west London, and I took the pictures on this page just down the road at the London Wetland Centre. I don't just focus on wildlife photography, though, so it should be easy to find a suitable venue within reasonable travelling distance.

Can I read more?

You can find a few training materials below.

How much will it cost

I charge £65 an hour plus travel costs or £150 for a half-day or £250 for a full day of coaching. The price is the same whether it's for an individual or a small group. If you'd like to have a chat about it, please email me at nick@nickdalephotography.com or give me a call on +44 7942 800921.

It was wonderful having the opportunity of spending two days with you at Klein’s Camp, and we certainly had the vacation of a lifetime.
— Bob
Thanks so much for yesterday - Millie and I really enjoyed it, and it’s certainly given us both some great tips to take away for safari.
— Andy