Glaziers' Art Fair 2016

Another pig print sold, but no stolen laptop this time. Phew...!

Glass half-full...

I went to the very first Glaziers' Art Fair last year when I was invited along by the Oxford University Society, and I came back this year with my four enormous wildlife prints. In fact, I originally only brought two, but then I was told that I could use a couple of easels, so I brought the other two on the second day. That was a stroke of luck, as it was the first time I'd ever been to an art fair with only two pictures on sale!

There were quite a few visitors at the private view on the Monday (22 October), including  Cllr Kath Whittam, Mayor of Southwark, but the next couple of days were a little slow - inevitably, perhaps, as it wasn't held over a weekend. I did sell a small print of my Pig peeping out from behind wall for £250, but I didn't bring along any unframed prints or greetings cards, so I didn't have that consolation this time around. Having said that, the fair is always an enjoyable experience. The staff and other exhibitors were all friendly and helpful, and I enjoyed talking about my work to whoever was interested. I even met a couple of people who might end up buying a full-size print for their home or office, so we shall have to wait and see...

Here's what the punters - well, one punter! - thought of my show:

— Rachel