Watford Camera Club talk

Thanks to everyone who came along to my talk. I hope you enjoyed the show!

My opening pitch...

I gave a talk to the Watford Camera Club last night at the Friends Meeting House on Church Road. A very nice lady called Sarah looked after me, and she and a few other members helped me set up the projector, connect my laptop and lay out a few wildlife prints on a couple of metal stands plus a few business cards and a visitors' book for people to sign. After a few club notices from Sarah, I started my talk.

I was due to speak for around an hour and a half, which was a bit longer than usual, so I had to expand my slideshow by adding a few more images. I ended up with around 150 pictures from all the photographic trips I've taken around the world, and, as I went through them, I told a few stories and picked up on a couple of technical points as I went along. The audience also chipped in with a few questions. After 45 minutes or so, we stopped for a tea break, and then i carried on for another 45 minutes. I finished on time - which was a relief! - and I was given a couple of generous rounds of applause, so I hope the audience enjoyed the talk as much as I did!

Four people signed up to my mailing list, and a couple left some kind words in my visitors' book, so thanks again to everyone. I'm just sorry that Terri, my original contact at the club, couldn't make it on the night.

Your amazing photos!!
— Simon
Great presentation!
— Megan

Universal Language

Thanks to everyone for coming along to the exhibition and the private view. I hope you enjoyed the show!

Guests at the private view discussing just how wonderful my pictures are...

My latest exhibition was Universal Language at The Framers Gallery (or Artefact), 36 Windmill Street, London W1T 2JT. The show was organised by Gabriel Fine Art and ran from 26 June to 1 July 2017 with a private view on the evening of the 28th. There was a Turkish dancer at the private view, plus an auction of various prints. I was also asked to give a talk about my pictures, but that never happened for some reason. Probably for the best...!

I exhibited three works (see below), the elephant and bear in traditional box frames and the flamingo printed in black and white on a sheet of aluminium. None was sold, but the flamingo will be appearing again in my next exhibition, so fingers crossed!

Bear about to catch salmon in mouth

Bear about to catch salmon in mouth

Elephant giving itself dust bath on hillside

Elephant giving itself dust bath on hillside

Chilean flamingo head against black background

Norman Plastow Gallery 2016

"Every picture tells a story"

Opening day...


My travel and wildlife photography exhibition is over now, so I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who came along. I hope you all enjoyed the show! 

Thanks also to the Norman Plastow Gallery and to Norman himself for dropping by again. I had 93 visitors in six days and sold 11 greetings cards, two unframed prints, two A3 framed prints and two 80 x 60cm framed prints.

Here are all the comments people wrote in the visitors' book:

V. good!
— Dave
— Emma
Beautiful photos
— Kathy
— Sarah
Love them all!
— Sarah
Just fabulous!
— Jane
Lovely work!
— Leigh
Wonderful photographs, Nick. Great sharing memories of the Antarctica expedition. Looking forward to your next show!
— Lynne
Must come back!
— Patricia
Great work and interesting talking to you.
— Lars